Our Pizza


We start by hand stretching a freshly proved sourdough dough and place it on a pizza tray. We also make Gluten Free pizza doughs. We then smooth over a base of either Traditional Tomato, Pesto, Spicy Chilli Tomato or my favourite for the Summer, BBQ. Now comes for the CHEESE! We use a hand diced Mozzarella which gives you the stringy texture of mozzarella. We also have a Vegan friendly cheese, we don’t want anyone to miss out.
Once this is done its time for the toppings. We use only the freshest, locally sourced toppings on our pizza. Don’t be scared to ask to swap ingredients we make all our pizzas fresh so it’s no bother.

Our Pizzas are then Stone baked at 400°c and finished with a variety of fresh ingredients to boost the flavour.
Once they are cooked to perfection we provide you with a pizza cutter and it’s all up to you.

So come along and try some amazing pizza and friendly service.